Scam Warning

Since we launched, we have grown constantlly.
This succes attracts new advertisers from all over the world but unfortunately also fake and rogue advertisers!

The vast majority of scams take the following form:

  • The price is too good to be true.
  • There is a sense of urgency in the communication, trying to force you to complete the transaction quickly before someone else does.
  • A buyer sends you a forged bankers draft or cheque for more than the agreed amount.
  • A seller instructs you transfer a deposit to hold the car/engine/gearbox.

Respect all this instructions to avoid 99% of fraud!

Do not send money by bank,  if you are not 100% certain or if the ad looks to good to be true.
Try to pay only with paypal or use is very secure with your personal data.
We do NOT publish YOUR  e-mail directly on the website. Still our users report getting scam e-mail’s. 
In most cases you can recognize scammers because they show no real knowledge, ask strongly formulated phony questions and are willing to pay the asking price directly without any more information.

A well know scamming trick is that they pay by cheque with  the amount on the cheque set too high so you have to refund the amount that is left.
Read more about this trick here and here. 

Please be aware for all types of scams, specially when people react to ad from abroad. Mostly to good to be true IS to good to be true.

Happy selling and buying on our website!


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